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How you can organize the office stationery in the right way?


Office is an organized place where everyone wants to work in an efficient way. In order to work efficiently, it is quite important that you have the day to day office supplies available at that too in the right place. Administration of the office stationery can be quite a tough task and it should be handled in the right way. It is also seen that the major problem that an office faces is the unexpected stationary requirement. The same goes in the case of school stationery. There are few techniques through which you can efficiently organize the office stationery. Let us have a look at the techniques that are available:-

  • The checklist should be prepared

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare for a checklist that will assist you in case any stationary is short on a daily basis. Prepare the checklist with all the list of stationery that is required and then calculate the required quantities for a specific period of time. For instance, prepare a list if you want to keep 20 pens or 15 bundles of paper in a specific period of time.

  • Compare the checklist with the stationary that is available in the office

To begin with, you need to compare the checklist with the stationary that is present in your office and then note that any kind of shortage that is present. If you witness, that there is a shortage of office supplies, then immediately order it from a good vendor. This will eventually reduce the stationary to go out of stock.

  • Monitor the consumption

Consumption of stationery should be monitored regularly as it can be useful in checking the availability of the stationary as well as reduce the stationary wastage. The best way you can efficiently deal is by preparing In/out register for the stationary and then record all the outgoings and incomings. This will ensure that the individual who took the stationary is recorded in the register and you can easily manage it.

  • Prepare the procurement policy

A procurement policy will help you and your business in getting the things done in the right way. So, in case of purchasing stationery, write down all the necessary steps involved in it. For instance, you can compare the physical stock with the minimum inventory checklist, preparing the purchase order, getting the PO signed and calling the vendor and then placing the given order.

  • Organize the space

Once you are aware of the place where the office stationary is kept, then you need to make sure that everything is kept in order.  It is recommended that the items that are used commonly should be kept in plain view and the items that are not used much should be kept at the back of the space. Apart from all these, the logical groupings of the items should also be done.

  • Search for a good office stationery supplier

In general, it is seen that businesses get in touch with the local stationary vendor that is close to the office but that doesn’t at all mean that you would get the right kind of stationary at a discounted price. You can consider purchasing office supplies and school stationery online as they can offer you great discounts at a very competitive rate. Also, you can get free shipping and perhaps you would be able to order the products from the comfort of your home/office. Furthermore, the products that are available online come up with the description, photos, discount, and ratings and based on these entire factors you can purchase different as per your needs.

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