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Tips to Improve Handwriting for Kids


With the advancement of technology, learning techniques in the classrooms have changed. But the fact is that the old-fashioned writing is still a very important skill that the students need to inherit in order to complete their homework and assignments.

Good handwriting would ensure that you get better scores in the examination as the answers look more clear and legible. So, today we would be covering the ways to improve the handwriting of your child.

  • Recognize the problem that your child is facing

Before you go on to improve the handwriting of your child, it is important to figure out the root cause that causes them to write badly. It could be anything such as the improper holding of the pencil, poor coordination of hand to eye and various medical problems such as ADD.

 If your child is facing any kind of medical issues, then it is recommended that you fix that first before moving out to improve their handwriting.

  • Build motor skills

Writing is primarily controlled using the muscle of the arms and hands which indeed helps to control the fingers and wrist.  Different kinds of activities and games such as beads, stringing, games with rice as well as other small projects help to build motor skills among the children.

The finer control of the muscles helps kids to grab the pencil in a better way and thus move accurately in order to write the words. In addition, different activities such as fingerprinting are also a great way through which the motor skills can be easily improved.

  • Make sure that the pencil is grasped in the right way

A good grip on the pencil is very important if in case you want to improve the handwriting of your kid. You need to teach them early such that their handwriting improves over time. Also, make sure that they grab the pencil firmly but not very tightly.

In addition, make sure that you purchase quality pencils that offer extra dark writing. You can purchase them online from Inkthetown.com and they would offer you a great discount if you purchase it in bulk.

  • Relax the grip and pressure

You need to observe your children while they are writing. If you notice that they grip the pencil very tightly, then you need to make sure that they relax a bit. A tight grip would potentially put a lot of pressure on the fingers which can potentially lead to pain.

In addition, it can also cramp the muscle of your kid and thus make the handwriting quite sloppy.

  • Practice them to write letters and words

If you want to improve the handwriting of your kid, then it is very important that they write the letters in the right way. You need to make your kid understand about managing the lower-case and capital letters.

This can potentially be done with the help of four-lines to start off and finally using two lines of books once they get better. Make sure that you spot the alphabets that they write improperly and perhaps make your child work upon it in order to write in a correct way.

  • Go slow and don’t put pressure on them

 If you want the handwriting of your child to be good, then make sure that you keep it steady and slow in the beginning. Allow them to write at a pace in which they are comfortable and don’t rush. It may take some time for the muscle memory to write fast and in a correct way and hence you don’t need to put pressure on them.

If you would scold your child, then they may feel stressed out and hence they may not enjoy the activity. You need to appreciate their efforts and perhaps encourage them to do things in a better way.

  • Offer them a good environment

Make sure that you make your kid write in a proper seated position such that they are able to freely able to move their shoulders and arms. Writing, in general, should always be done on a proper study table. In addition, you should be aware that they don’t write while they are lying down or perhaps watching TV.

Besides this, you should also make sure that you increase their reading time. Provide them with books printed in a good font which would potentially inspire them to write in a better way.

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